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London w1t 2lp

Josephine’s Restaurant Catering

Established in 1996, Josephine’s Restaurant has been supplying Philippine Cuisine in the Center of London for well over a decade.

We have catered at numerous events from parties, small to large weddings  to corporate events. If you require any Philippine catering, we will be happy to meet your needs:

Contact us on: 0207 580 6564 or 0207 580 6551

Our Restaurant is able to seat 60 seating capacity, serving Traditional Philippine Cuisine from favourite Dishes such as Adobo, Lechon Kawali and Halo Halo.

Among our Patrons over the years have been the numerous Filipinos in and Around London, the great British public, tourists, office workers and businesses in the area.

Apart from the many caterings for Fellow Filipinos, other Nationalities and corporations. we have catered for the UK Food Standards Agency,

Filipino President Arroyo, Lisa Macuja and Ballet Manila  amongst others

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0207 580 6551

0207 580 6564