filipino restaurant

4 Charlotte Street


London w1t 2lp


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  Leche Flan                                                        4.75

      Filipino version  of crème caramel  made  with

                  unique  special  flavour

  Buko Pie                                                             4.75           

    Young coconut meat & juice  in  a  sweet pastry.

                   Served with cream

  Fruit Salad                                                       4.75              

     A s election  of tropical  & local  fruit, served  with  cream

  Cassava Bibingka                                               4.75                    

      Cassava   (yuka-manioc)     cooked  with  coconut  milk

  Maja Blanca                                                       4.75              

          Sweetcorn  pudding  cooked  with  coconut cream.

                                          Topped with toasted coconut

  Exotic Ice Cream  (3 scoops)                               4.75     

         A selection of home made  tropical  fruit  ice  cream

  Cheesecake Tropicale                                        4.85                   

        Topped with coconut string & fresh fruit. served with cream

  Josephine,s Favourite                                         5.45                 

       Sliced  banana  filled  with fruit preserved

                topped with cream & ice  cream

  Halo-Halo         Filipino Sundae                         5.45

   A  refreshing  concoction  of  original  Philippine  fruit

    Preserved & beans with milk,crushed  ice & ice cream topping


  Guinataan                                                          5.45

     Tapioca  pearl & sweetcorn  in  sweetened  coconut milk.

 We cannot guarantee thal all our dishes & desserts are 100% free from nuts  and their derivatives.If you have any

doubts,please ask the duty manger. No cover charges but 12.5% service charge to be added on your bill.